Finding beauty in the details - Cendrine Marrouat

As a photographer specializing in closeup / macro images, I often find myself twisting my body in ways I did not think possible. That's what it takes to take the perfect shot. ;-)

Many of the photos in this series demanded that I stay quite close to the ground. Others required patience and steadiness. I did not always have my tripod with me...

Winnipeg had an incredible number of forest tent caterpillars in 2016. At some point, they were not just in trees. They had invaded sidewalks and the sides of homes!

The caterpillar larvae typically feed on American Elm, Manitoba Maple, Green Ash, and ornamental trees. They relax during the day and are very active at night.

Caterpillars will spin their cocoons in any spot that offers some layer of protection: guardrails (see picture below), under chairs, roof cornices, hidden boxes (ask me how I know), etc.

Observing them moving about and patiently cocooning themselves has given me a new appreciation for nature...

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