Classic cars - Cendrine Marrouat

Every first Sunday of the month, classic car collectors living in and around Toulouse, France gather in the Grand-Rond, one of the most beautiful parks of the city.

I was in my hometown for the first of those gatherings in 2016. Since I had never been to such an exhibition before, I decided to check it out. It definitely was worth it!

The Citroen DS (a.k.a the Goddess)

An Austin Healey Sprite (left) and an Aston Martin

From left to right: a Mercedes sedan (1985 S-Class), a Mercedes E-Class Coupe (mid-1980s), a Mercedes S-Class sedan, and a Mercedes SL convertible (mid-1980s).

Austin Minis

A Citroën 2CV

A racing Jaguar

A Morris Minor

A Ferrari 612 12-cylinder

A line of classic Jag roadsters

A 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang

A Jaguar E-Type Roadster

A Renault 4L

A Citroen Ami 8

A pre-war Jaguar

A 1986 Porsche Targa

Classic cars

Later on that year, when I was back in Canada, the father of a friend's asked me if he could leave his old 1964 Austin Westminster A110 in my driveway. It stayed there until he was able to sell it. 

I am not a collector, but I enjoy looking at classic cars. This one has fascinated me from the first moment I saw it.

NB: The car has not been cleaned on purpose. To me, the raw look tells a better story.

This post is dedicated to James Hamel, a dear friend who passed away on June 6th, 2017. He was 42.

James adored classical cars and is sorely missed.

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