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As you probably know by now, I'm passionate about documenting the little things I see around me.

Nature, in particular, is an incredible muse. Here is a series of photos I took earlier in my career. They all make my heart skip a beat when I look at them.

Also known as the Carberry sandhills, Spirit Sands is located in Spruce Woods Provincial Park, in south-central Manitoba, Canada. It is a small, semi-arid desert (4 square kilometres) and the remnant of a sandy delta of the Assiniboine River, from a time when it ran into glacial Lake Agassiz. The sandhills are home to many unique plants and animals, including some cacti and hognose snakes.

The area receives an average of 300 mm of precipitation per year.

And now, more recent photos... 

The St Vital Park Duck Pond is one of the most scenic places in Winnipeg. In the spring and summer, ducks (mallards and wood ducks) usually share the space with Canadian geese.

The park is also full of birds -- chickadees, blue jays and crows. Perfect for nature photographers!

As far as macros / closeups are concerned, the possibilities are endless.

The Oodena ("Heart of the community" in Ojibwe) Celebration Circle is a natural shallow amphitheatre located at The Forks, in Downtown Winnipeg. It features sculptures, a sundial and a ceremonial fire pit.

Historically, The Forks has been a major meeting place for Aboriginal peoples for 6,000 years. During colonization, European fur traders, Métis buffalo hunters, Scottish settlers, riverboat workers, railway pioneers, and immigrants used it for the same purpose. Today, it's a major tourist attraction and spot for cultural events.

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