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I was born and raised in Toulouse, France. I left my hometown in 2003 and until recently, used to go back  there every 12 or 18 months.

Over the years, I have taken hundreds of photos of this beautiful city. So, when the series is over, I'm pretty sure you'll want to visit. ;-)

Toulouse has been inhabited since the 8th century B.C. The original settlers lived in the hills overlooking the Garonne, a few kilometres south of today's city center. The site was also conveniently located between the Pyrénées, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, which helped make it a major trading center.

Toulouse's first name was Tolosa. Julius Caesar also called it Tolosates. Overall, though, the name has not changed much over the centuries.

According to Wikipedia, the city "was one of the wealthiest and most important cities in Gaul during the pre-Roman era. Gold and silver mines were nearby, and offerings to its shrines and temples accumulated wealth in the city."

Place Saint-Etienne

Place St Etienne is one the most beautiful squares in Toulouse. It boasts the oldest fountain in the city and the Saint-Etienne Cathedral, a stunning Gothic church that was built over five centuries.

It is also surrounded with antique dealer shops and quaint restaurants and cafés. On Saturdays, there is a second-hand book market.

Rue Fermat

A street leading to Rue Fermat...

Statue de Diane, Toulouse, France

Statue of Diana, sister of Apollo

Jardin des Plantes

The Jardin des Plantes is a public park and botanical garden located in Old Toulouse. It is part of a network of three public gardens that can be accessed via metal footbridges.

The garden is bordered by the Medical school, the 16th-century Natural history museum, the Daniel-Sorano theatre, and the Saint-Exupère church.

Translation of the sign: "Former Montoulieu Gardens - Simon de Montfort met his end here in 1218 during the Siege of Toulouse, in the course of the Albigensian Crusade. 'The stone hit just where it was needed' (followed by the original Occitan)".

The plaque can be found outside Théâtre Sorano.

Le Printemps ou Chloris caressée par Zéphir (Spring or Chloris Caressed by Zephyr) by James Pradier

Statue of Hippomène by Guillaume Coustou

Le Retour (The Return) by Auguste Seysses.

Jardin des Plantes features many beautiful statues as well as a waterfall and duck pond. Families enjoy going there because it has a nice play area and several carousels. When I was little, my grandmother and I used to go there every Wednesday afternoon. I have wonderful memories of that garden!

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