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Walks: A Collection of Haiku (Series) (2019)

In the Silence of Words: A Three Act Play (2018) - Theatre

Life's Little Things: The Quotes (2017) - Photography

Life's Little Things. Les petites choses de la vie (2016) - Photography

When the Mind Travels: A Poetic Journey into Photography (2015)

The Little Big eBook on Social Media Audiences: Build Yours, Keep It, and Win (2014)

The Little Big eBook on Blogging: 40 Traffic Generation Tips (2012)

Five Years and Counting: A Journey into the Mind of Soul Poetry (2010, 2nd edition: 2019)

Rizen (2010) - Spoken word CD

Project: Heartbeats and Elevation (2009, 2nd edition: 2019) - Poetry

Short Poetry for Those Who Fear Death (2006, 2nd edition: 2019)

And They All Rejoiced - Poetry (2006, 2nd edition: 2019)

Sortons des chemins battus - Poésie (2006, 2nd edition: 2019)

What readers are saying...

Life's Little Things: The Quotes

"Cendrine Marrouat’s play between imagery and prose is simple, sweet, succinct and good food for the mind and soul." - Kelly Hungerford

"A wonderful little gem and a real treat for the senses." - Janette Speyer

"Her work is not just good but excellent. The pictures all tell a story, capture a moment in time and they speak to your emotions." - Anthony Carranza

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Life's Little Things. Les petites choses de la vie

"It's amazing how much power she packs into each pixel and each syllable. Cendrine is truly a powerhouse who easily crosses genres and dominates them all." - James Hamel

"Hands-down, this is one of my favorite photography books. Mostly, because it doesn’t feel like one at all." - Kelly Hungerford

"Cendrine’s photos are filled with diversity, color, contrast, depth and a mastery of encapsulating moments. Each takes you through a journey of delight, wonder, mystery and adventure." - Anthony Carranza

"I expected a coffee table with beautiful photos. What I found, from the first page onward, was an unexpected venture into every day life in an extraordinary way." - Antoinette Dickson 

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When the Mind Travels: A Poetic Journey into Photography

“What a deep, beautiful and insightful book! You have woven in unique and artful ways your gorgeous photography and poetry.” - Rotana Ty

"Beauty on paper." - James Hamel

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The Little Big eBook on Social Media Audiences: Build Yours, Keep It, and Win

"The Little Big Ebook on Social Media Audiences is an easy to read, well organized guide on how to build an honorable online business or blog.  I found its tips to be helpful as a blogger myself and the case studies really brought things down to earth." - Josh Grant

“All in all this book is a genuine breath of fresh air in the stuffy atmosphere of me-too books written by social media practitioners who, frankly, have forgotten the most important element of all: people.” - Suzan St Maur

“This ebook is a treasure trove of information and filled with practical, effective advice that everyone must know and follow.” - John Thomas

“I have found The Little Big eBook on Social Media Audiences refreshing, helpful and full of great practical ideas.” - Janine Beattie

“Ms. Marrouat is exceptional in her willingness to share resources from other leaders in the industry. It is obvious that her purpose is to help the reader, not feed her ego.” - Roxann Souci

“I never thought I would come across a book that would include life lessons from Genesis, Ghandi and Fifty Shades of Grey all within one cover. But Marrouat has done just that in her entertaining and insightful way.” – Nancy Brommell

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The Little Big eBook on Blogging: 40 Traffic Generation Tips

All I can say is the author has squeezed her years of blogging and writing experience into a short and easy to read manual for budding as well as established writers and bloggers who want to succeed in the world of blogosphere. – Kim Garst

We often use the term “million dollar education” when speaking of tomes and missives on particular subjects however, NEVER in my professional experience, has a book or reference tool more deserved this title than THIS particular eBook. – Jerry Doby

The Little Big eBook on Blogging by Cendrine Marrouat is an amazing tool for a beginner blogger or an intermediate blogger looking to pick up some great tips as well as learn about new resources to start, grow and maintain a blog. The book is concisely laid out and speaks in a very user friendly language that is appropriate to a complete beginner but also relevant to someone who knows the ins and outs of blogging and associated technologies. – Natalie Brown

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"One of the most Spiritually Enhancing CDs I've ever had the pleasure to listen. Please take a moment to immerse yourself within this Spiritual Bliss, you won't be disappointed." - Amina Definity

"Rizen is an auditory melodic dreamscape. Cendrine has piloted a journey through spirituality, meditation, and higher clarity. Blending scores of musical compositions with spoken word, providing an experience the listener must LIVE first and hear second." - Tmill

"Cendrine Marrouat's Rizen takes you on a quest of reflection and understanding, leaving every word and sound within reach." - Shukura Higgins

"Wonderfully arranged, and like a breath of fresh air. Cendrine sets the mood with her tone, and her poetic art. Both displayed over soothing soundscapes." - G Lucciano

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Five Years and Counting: A Journey into the Mind of Soul Poetry

"Five Years and Counting is an excellent read... Cendrine Marrouat's work calls to mind the beautiful writing of Mirabai and Elizabeth Barrett Browning but in a post modern world! Her poetry is eloquent yet commanding, utilizing words that landscape the joy and pain of being wonderfully human." - Tantra-Zawadi, poet, writer, filmmaker, and artist

"An amazing collection of literary works; words that will stir your soul, and are bound to inspire any reader. This poetry laureate’s words are something to study and share with friends on any occasion.

Five Years and Counting is some of the best poetry written over a period of growth, development, and perfection for this writer; deserving of classroom discussions on campuses across the globe; and it is with great pleasure that I endorse this body of work." - Tshombe Harris, poet, spoken word artist, producer, and radio show host

"Five Years and Counting by Cendrine Marrouat is a soothing, cooling poetic adventure. It is a lyrical snapshot of the life of the poet and a welcome return to the world of books and the art of words!" - Rita Shelby

"An 'old soul' that understands life is how I describe the author of this collection of poetry." - Celestine McMullen Allen

"The reader comes away knowing that there are things in the universe at work, that are much bigger than one's self, and a feeling of empowerment and self worth that is exciting, and refreshing! I highly recommend this book! - John D. Green Sr

"Cendrine Marrouat has this way of supernaturally imposing metaphors with similes to create a natural flowing rhythm of liquid spirit!" - Natasha Guy

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Project: Heartbeats and Elevation

"Emotionally and spiritually uplifting, Project: Heartbeats and Elevation truly is an elevating experience in words you do not want to miss." - Jennifer Hudock

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Short Poetry for Those Who Fear Death

"I felt a connection emotionally to every poem in this anthology and will be forever changed by the experience. Everyone should read this book, not once, but often." - Linda Copeland

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