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Just a Thought

Everyone of us has a history. We all possess an insight that only each individual can call his or her own based on the life that he or she has lived. It is in that which brings this book to the world. OK, technically the war in Afghanistan brought this book to life. Back in 2010, while deployed to Baghram Airfield in Afghanistan, I started to write my thoughts on a myriad of goings on in the world, my mind, my family and friends’ lives or just because something hit my brain. This book contains those thoughts. 

Year released: 2017

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About S.L. Brown

What do you need to know about this guy?

- A Los Angeles native who loves watching his Raiders, Dodgers, Lakers, Kings and Galaxy play.

- Retired Combat Veteran having served 22 years in combined service in the US Air Force (12.6 years active duty), US Navy (10 year reservist) with a sprinkle of US Army (6 of the AF years and 1 of the Navy years) to boot. Commitment issues? Maybe.

- World traveler (military remember) having lived in or visited England, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Hawaii, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia...

- Dance Fitness instructor, because shaking one's booty is amazing.

- Husband, father, confidant, friend, life coach and weirdo too. Plus many other things. 


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