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Randi Grace Nilberg was born in Workington, England, but has lived most of her life in Norway. I would best describe her work as "imaginative photography". Some of her pieces almost look like paintings!

Cendrine Marrouat: What inspired you to become a photographer? Any particular story?

Randi Grace Nilsberg: When I was 9 my parents took my brother and me on a trip to England to see my grandparents. Someone gave me a Diana plastic-bodied camera, and I took my very first photos, but it wasn’t until several years later that my interest in photography was fully awakened. This happened after I had seen a beautiful photo in National Geographic Magazine of a tree with a snow-covered apple. I thought it was so beautiful and wanted to create images like that myself.

CM: What is your favorite subject to photograph?

RGN: That varies widely.  It also depends on the season.  In the summer, I enjoy shooting flowers, both outside and in still life arrangements in my provisional home studio.  In the winter I love to work with ice and snow.  Fog is also interesting as well as rust.  But, if I had the choice I would be a travel photographer.  New places and  new people never seize to amaze me.

CM: What makes a good photo?

RGN: A good photo is a photo that makes you feel something, good or bad.  It should take the viewer on a journey where he or she either meets the photographer or themselves.

CM: What is the photo you prefer in your portfolio? Why?

RGN: One of my many favorites is Message for You because it turned out very differently from what I planned.

I was inspired by a minimalistic shot I had seen of another message in a bottle.  I never wanted to copy the image, I just wanted to learn the technique. However, when I started to play with texture layers and different light settings I totally lost track of time and dived into a different world.  I liked the photo even more when I found a real message in a bottle a few years later.

CM: Any photographer you admire?

RGN: I don’t have a favorite photographer, but I admire all the photographers who show great skill and who put their heart into their work. I also admire those who are confident that they don’t lose anything by sharing what they have learned with other artists.

CM: What piece of advice would you give photographers who are starting with online promotion?

RGN: First of all: Nothing sells itself!  It’s work, work, work. You have to promote yourself all the time and everywhere, and you need to know who you’re selling to.

CM: Anything else you would like to share?

RGN: If you’re truly dedicated to making a living from your art, don’t let life or people tell you it can’t be done.  YOU decide whether it’s doable or not.  Know that it’s hard work, but don’t give up!  You can’t fail if you don’t give up!


For more information on Randi Grace Nilsberg, visit http://randi-grace-nilsberg.pixels.com/. She is also on Instagram.

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