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"I am Redski Redd, a still life, studio photographer, that specialises in unusual, quirky and fun, photographic artwork."

When I read Redski's description in his about page, I sensed an interesting character. His photos hooked me from the get-go.

I first approached Redski because he interviews fellow photographers. He featured me on his blog and created a wonderful video to promote my work.

Even if he hadn't done all that, I would have still wanted to interview him for the blog, though. He is one of the nicest, most supportive, and most unique photographers I have ever come across. So, I am very happy he accepted to answer my questions.

Cendrine Marrouat: Hello Redski! What inspired you to become a photographer? Any particular story?

Redski Redd: It was about six years ago. I had some free time on my hands. I have always admired the dedication of photographers: going to extreme lengths to get that beautiful photo.

Looking at the results of Portrait shoots, landscape photographers and Still Life photographers, really got me inspired and I thought to myself... I can do this.

I also love camera tech.

I spent many months watching educational YouTube videos on the basics of composition, lighting and how to use a camera before I even bought my first camera.

CM: What is your favorite subject to photograph?

RR: Any old junk. I might pass by a charity shop and see a lampshade that has a particular shape or an ornament with a specific curvature. My mind then races with image possibilities: lighting scheme, background colour, atmosphere.. and then if I 'feel’ it, I will buy it. I love turning the 'ordinary' into the 'extraordinary'.

I also love photographing little animal models and flowers. The beauty of the camera and lens is that it picks up so much detail, that is not visible to the naked eye. The photograph reveals the magical aspects of the subject.

CM: What makes a good photo?

RR: In my opinion, it starts with a well-balanced composition. I love looking at images which adhere to classic composition technique. You can take a photo of the most beautiful landscape and model but if your composition is poor then the photo, to me, is not going to be appealing.

Having great light and shadow is also very important in creating depth and drama. And obviously, the subject has to be interesting. It can be a pile of rubbish, for me if my aesthetic senses are stimulated with interesting content, composition and decent lighting, then I am going to enjoy looking at that image of a pile of rubbish.

CM: What is the photo you prefer in your portfolio? Why?

RR: My favourite is World of Clowns. It has an element of humour with one clown falling backward laughing and the other stuck in the box. I also love the black and white, vintage look I created for it. It reminds me of the Victorian freak shows, that seemed to be so grimy and archaic. I think the photo could definitely be an animation. Perhaps I will look into that, one day.

That photo was made with just one clown. I simply positioned it in different areas of the set, in alternate positions and made several exposures. I blended them together with layer masks in Photoshop and changed their hair and clothing shades.

CM: Any photographer you admire?

RR: I love Harold Feinstein’s work. All of his work is something as a photographer, I would love to aspire to. Such beautiful excellence, in such a variety of photographic genres.

His ‘1940s - 50s Coney Island’ images, for me, are truly moving. He has captured the spirit of the time, and with such marvelous compositions. These are moments in time that have slipped away but will never be forgotten, because of his wonderful images.

His ‘Flowers’ and ‘Foliage’, 'Fruits and Vegetables’ photography have magnificent lighting and detail and they have a luxurious quality to them that I have never seen in Still Life Photography before.

You can really see Harold Feinstein’s passion for photography within his images.

CM: What piece of advice would you give photographers who are starting with online promotion?

RR: Read, learn and then read some more. Once you have learned how to use each social media platform you need to work out the best strategies to promote yourself. The best way to do this professionally and efficiently is to know how to get the best from these 21st-century marketing tools and the more knowledge you have the better equipped you will be for online promotion, success.

Have a daily strategy, use it, and improve on it. Also don't stretch yourself too thinly. My major successes have been Twitter and Instagram, so that is where I focus my attention on. I have also just started up a YouTube channel. Learning how to promote yourself and get subscribers takes time, so I am learning and reading how to do this with maximum efficiency, and successfully!

CM: Anything else you would like to share?

RR: In my career, I hope that I can add value to Photographers and artists with informative and educational interviews on my website. So if any photographers and artists have something to share, please contact me for an interview and a free, promotional video.


For more information on Redski Redd, visit He is also on Instagram and YouTube.

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