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(January 26, 2019)

Hello everyone!

I’m super excited to announce that the manuscript for my 12th book is almost ready for publication.

Walks: A Collection of Haiku (Volume 1) will be the first in a series of short ebooks featuring haiku. It is an invitation to enjoy the flitting moments that make life beautiful.

Today, I need your help with three things.

1. The cover

I have designed several different versions since yesterday. You can see them below.

Which one do you prefer?

Honest feedback is very important to me. A simple “great” or “bad” is not enough. Tell me why you feel it would fit.

Update (January 27, 2019): Based on excellent feedback, I have decided to go for a minimalist design. Check out the covers below.

2. Help me promote the book

I am looking for a group of people who are willing to spread the word before, during and shortly after the release of Walks: A Collection of Haiku (Volume 1). My goal is to get as much exposure as possible on social media.

So if you have a Twitter or Facebook account and want to help, let me know in the comment section or contact me at I will add you to my street team.

Your level of involvement is up to you. It can be something as simple as a tweet, link share, or short post on your blog. I am also looking for features in poetry magazines. Every little thing will help!

3. Pre-release reviews

I do not have a release date for the book yet. However, as soon as the manuscript has been proofread, I will give away a few PDF copies for advance reviews. These will appear on the dedicated page of the book on my website and on Amazon.

Should you be interested in being an advance reviewer, contact me at

Please note the following:

- Reviews must be written and sent to me within a week of your receiving your copy. If you know you cannot meet the deadline, do not contact me.

- Only honest feedback, please.

Thank you all for reading! Stay tuned for my next update! :-)

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