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(January 28, 2019)

I love designing my book covers. It is an experience that always forces me to think outside the box.

Before sitting down to create the one for my upcoming new series, I had done some research into haiku books. Most of the covers I had seen were plain but attractive.

Several hours into the designing process, I had a few versions ready. They featured nice photos from my collection. I was not completely satisfied though. Something was missing.

I showed you the results and you agreed with me. 

And then two friends helped me see the light. I needed a minimalist design! We brainstormed ideas; they offered very valuable suggestions; and after a few hours, I had several new versions. 

Many interesting conversations followed on social media. Two covers drew the most attention. But in the end, the one to the left won! Actually, I am glad it did, as it is my favorite of the bunch.

Advance reviewers

I am happy to report that I found a few advance reviewers for volume 1. This means that I only have room for one more. 

Interested? Contact me at and I will add you to the list. 

As a reminder, your (honest) review will appear on the dedicated page of the book on my website and on Amazon. But you must send it to me within a week of your receiving your PDF copy. If you know you cannot meet the deadline, do not contact me. 

Street team

Thank you to the people who have offered to help me promote the book! I really appreciate it.

I am still looking for a few more bloggers, magazines, and social media users to help spread the word. Feel free to email me at for more information. 

NB: My press kit should be ready within the next two weeks. 

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