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As a former English Major with 15 years of experience in the instruction field, I can help you with most areas of the French language. I have worked with many civil servants and business professionals in one-on-one and group settings.

French instruction is delivered via Skype or at the location of your choice if you are in Winnipeg, Canada.

Hourly rate: Starts at US$30. 


I am here to help your business reach French-speaking audiences around the world, and thrive!

Fields of specialization: General, Business, Literature, Journalism. 

Types of documents: General, press releases, reports, letters and commercial documents, general contracts, newspaper articles, websites. 

Rate: Starts at 16 cents (US) per source word or US$32 an hour.

Proofreading rate: Starts at US$35 an hour. 


In this day and age, having a blog is vital if you want to make a splash online. Unfortunately, not everyone has time to write content on a consistent basis. If this is you, I would be very happy to help.

I have ample experience in the field. I have written for many blogs and sites in my career.

Some of my favorite topics include content curation, blogging,  social media monitoring, and Twitter. I also worked as a digital journalist and art critic for a few years. 

How do I work?

I am passionate about five things:

- writing

- research

- quality

- honesty

- a job well done.

I do not write for search engines. I do not do keyword stuffing. I write for people: you and your audience.

My word is my bond. I only commit when I know I can deliver.

Each of my articles has been thoroughly researched. I also use the services of a professional proofreader to ensure that no typographical or grammatical error is left. You are never too careful, right?

And, of course, I will not rest until you are completely satisfied. I know it sounds cliché but it's really how I work.


1) Per-assignment rates start at:

- US$250 (blog posts)

- US$400 (ghostwriting)

- US$300 (curated roundups)

Services included:

- up to 500 words

- research

- screenshots

- links to relevant, useful resources

- and any other requirements.

NB: Each project is different. The final rate will depend on the length, deadline, and technicality of the article.


In this day and age, social media has become mandatory for businesses of all sizes. But, the number of platforms to choose from can be a dizzying thought.

I know that you are very busy and have a limited budget. So, let me share a great piece of news with you. Being everywhere is not mandatory. You just have to focus on the sites where your customers like hanging out.

The "build it and they will come" tactic does not work. A good product / idea rarely sells itself. Success can only happen with a solid, targeted strategy that will lead the right prospects to your doorstep.

Let me assist you in building yours. I will be there every step of the way!

Areas of expertise

- Content curation

- Twitter

- Social media strategy


1) Individual training (hourly): 

- US$100 for in-person meetings + travelling costs

- US$100 for Skype meetings

- 10% discount if you book 10 hours or more at once

NB: A session will be conducted through Skype if the distance required for the meeting is greater than 20 kilometers.

2) Private group training:

- US$900 /  for half a day + travelling costs (Up to 8 participants)

- US$1,400 for a full day + travelling costs (Up to 8 participants)

- US$1,100 pour une demi-journée de formation en français + frais de déplacement (Jusqu'à 8 participants)

- US$1,600 pour une journée de formation en français + frais de déplacement (Jusqu'à 8 participants)

3) Speaking engagements (lectures, conferences, etc.): US$800-$1,500 + travelling costs


- Rates are non-refundable.

- Time slots must be purchased before the sessions and used within a month.

- It is the responsibility of the participant(s) to join the session on time.


In your message, kindly include answers to the questions below:

- What do you do?

- What audience are you interested in reaching? (If you already know.)

- What are your business goals?

- What are your social media goals?

- What are your budget and deadline?

- Links to your website and social media profiles (if you have any)

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