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Crafting a slogan that is both memorable and inspires trust is no easy feat. Big companies pull it off most of the time because they hire people to do the job for them.

But what about the small business owner or solo-entrepreneur who cannot afford to have that kind of "brainpower" and can only rely on themselves? 

What makes famous brands recognizable? Their logos and slogans. Take McDonald's, for example. A simple look at its Golden Arches and "I'm loving it" motto automatically evokes an emotional response that goes beyond tasty hamburgers and fries.

A slogan is not just an important part of a branding strategy, but it also helps determine a company's long-term success. So, it must be chosen with care.

In this article, I would like to share five tips to help you craft a message that will resonate with your audience.

1) The 3 Ws

The secret behind a killer slogan is how uniquely it describes the brand.

Here are three good examples:

- "Make yourself heard" (Ericsson)

- "So good" (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

- "We [Heart] Logistics" (UPS)

The aforementioned slogans answer three basic questions:

- Who are you?

- What do you do?

- What is your unique way of doing it?

In a nutshell, we know exactly what to expect from those companies.

Knowing your honest purpose is the first step.

2) Research

Once you have answered the three Ws, you must then determine the target audience who is the most likely to engage with it.

For example, if you have a Facebook Page, take a look at your Insights section for data like:

- main age groups

- locations

- languages spoken

- most successful posted content...

Such information is essential to understand potential customers. Google Analytics is another great tool to gather data about your website and / or blog.

And if you are just getting started and have no site or social media account, why not look at slogans from your competitors? They could provide you with great food for thought!

3) Involve your audience

Once all the information you need has been collected, time to take your audience's pulse. Put yourself in your potential customers' shoes.

Surveys and polls are a great way to involve people in the process and make them feel as though they were part of the evolution of your business. You can ask people in your blog, on your website, or contact them directly. Do not hesitate to query trusted friends as well; they will be more than happy to help.

Examples of questions:

- Which words do you think best describe my / our website, our services, etc.?

- How can I / we serve you in the best possible way?

- What does the word, sentence or phrase "[insert what you want]" mean to you?

Pay careful attention to the answers you receive as well as testimonials from your clients. Underline or circle the most important words that describe you and your services. After a while, a common thread should appear.

4) Use repetitive sounds

An effective slogan appeals to people's emotions. Alliterations – the repetition of the same consonants at the beginning of words in close succession – and rhyming work really well, just like concise and snappy messages.


- "I am what I am" (Reebok)

- "For the men in charge of Change" (Fortune)

- "Snap! Crackle! Pop!" (Kellogg's Rice Krispies)

- “Obey your thirst” (Sprite)

Further, avoid hyperbole and focus on what's in it for your audience. Make it as easy as possible for them to remember you.

5) Ask for feedback

Do you think you have found the perfect slogan? Time to put that assertion to the test!

Ask your audience what they think. Of course, do not stop at "It's fantastic!" or be disappointed if you hear "It's awful." What you want is constructive criticism:

- Why do they or do they not like your slogan?

- What is missing?

- Can they suggest a slogan of their own?

6) Conclusion

A great slogan is a guarantee of success. Why? Because people only trust the things to which they can relate.

With that said, audiences change all the time. A brand's motto that worked five years ago, may no longer be relevant to them. Keeping an open mind about that and tweaking accordingly are great ways to build trust and remain unique in the eyes of the public. 

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