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David Silverberg
  I've worked with Cendrine for several years and can attest to her hard work ethic and keen eye for newsworthy content in social media and B2B. She has never missed a deadline, and understand the space very well. I'd recommend her to any editor/publisher looking for a dependable freelance writer.

 - David Silverberg, former Editor-in-chief of Digital Journal Inc. and B2B News Network


Kelly HungerfordI had the pleasure of meeting and working with Cendrine in my role as Head of Content, Community and Communications at Paper.li. As a tireless ambassador for Paper.li, Cendrine helped us establish our solid footing as a people first, community first brand by reaching out and helping other community members.

Her invaluable insights and in-depth understanding of audience development helped us establish the Paper.li Community Blog and her dedication and unwavering commitment and brand loyalty ultimately led to a contract position with Paper.li.

She is not only a talented writer and communicator, but also a passionate educator and peer that works tirelessly to get the details right for clients, projects, community members or anyone she is working with.

Cendrine joins a select group of individuals and online professionals who truly understand how to leverage best practices across social media, content curation, content marketing and audience development to grow thriving communities and businesses.

Any company lucky enough to spot her should hire her on the spot!

- Kelly Hungerford, Community Builder and Social Brand Strategist

Cendrine is one of the hardest-working women I know. She curates and writes excellent, detailed posts on social media topics. She writes well as a rule, and her poetry is original and inspired.

I've had the opportunity to work with her on several editing and design projects for her books and I regularly read her posts. She's an excellent writer who understands the audience she's writing for.

- Katrina Moody, Website and Graphic Designer

  Jerry DobyCendrine is one of the most approachable and thorough journalists I have had the pleasure of interacting with. I love the way she communicates her editorial needs and delivers impactful pieces which cover all the bases. Cendrine definitely goes the extra mile to deliver exceptional editorials and interviews, which in my opinion makes her an extremely valuable asset to any media company.

I would recommend Cendrine, based on my professional experience with her work and my evaluation of her personality, spirit and work ethic, to any company she decided to grace with her presence.

- Jerry Doby, Publicist, Doby Public Relations

Liz WilsonCendrine and I first met when she contributed articles to the Paper.li Community Blog, where I was Editor. She leads where others follow. She is highly professional, knowledgeable, generous, and sharp. She understands what people want to know or talk about, and she is always ahead of the game. Reading her blogs, journalism and updates leaves you feeling you have your finger on the pulse, AND as if you've just spent an hour with a good friend who is not only social, but creative and clever too. I hope I get to work with her again soon.

- Liz Wilson, Content Manager, Orange Switzerland

  Anthony CarranzaThere is much to be said about Cendrine Marrouat, but particularly she has proven to be an expert on developing effectively her social media brand.

Her content does not only provide value for the masses, but her articles are able to spread like wildfires. On top of the professionalism, excellent copy she provides in every piece of writing she builds relationships with an undivided humor, and is able to leverage world class social media content.

I recommend Cendrine for any company as she will exceed expectations and particularly where social media is concerned.

- Anthony Carranza, New Media Journalist, Information Technology & Social Media Consultant

Celestine AllenDuring the course of time that I have known Cendrine, she has proven herself to be a savvy social media guru and technologically brilliant with content management. She brings a very holistic approach to what she is involved in. These areas, coupled with her compassion, her creativity, and her inherent drive, makes her a force to contend with. She genuinely cares for people and aspires to make her social media contacts “real”. She is also a staunch supporter of independent artists and writers. I know this because she has been phenomenal in helping me to keep my book alive.

- Celestine McMullen Allen, Human Resources Business Partner at Bell Helicopter

Louise Quo Vadis

Cendrine is an excellent source of information and a fantastic social media consultant. I read everything that she posts.

- Louise Quo Vadis, Website Administrator at Tom Ruffen Creative Solutions

  John ThomasI have known and have been associated with Cendrine Marrouat for over two years and I must say I utterly respect her for her knowledge, professionalism and ethics. She is such a knowledgeable person and her blogs and fanpages are full of valuable resources for a social media professional. The internet is over loaded with pages and pages of info and sometimes getting the right info would be like searching for needle in a haystack. Cendrine is an awesome curator of sorts who gleans through all the info and processes + shares them in the most valuable and digestible form. I visit her blog - Creative Ramblings on a daily basis and it is on my "most preferred" list of blogs and I even recommend them to colleagues and friends. Personally she is warm, friendly and a "Go To" person for anything SOCIAL MEDIA. An A+ from me for Cendrine and the fabulous curation she is doing.

- John Thomas, Social Media Community Management Specialist

Stacey Stoddard
Cendrine brings two very important elements into her writing; PASSION + PROFESSIONALISM. I have learned so much from Cendrine's relentless drive and desire to succeed, it is such an honor to be connected. This is a woman that never lets anything get her down. Simply amazing! Highly recommend Cendrine and her writing for any project you may be considering her for.

- Stacey Stoddard, Director of Community at RE/MAX Cornerstone

  Stevie WilsonI am very happy to write this recommendation for Cendrine Marrouat because as I have gotten to know her, read her content/articles/blogs and books, I have found solid skills in reporting, compiling information in a way that makes it swift and easy to understand the topic that she is presenting in her books and also her blogs. She is clear, concise, authentic and precise in the content that she presents whether it is in digital format or in written format.

I would highly recommend her e-book "The Little Big eBook on Blogging: 40 Traffic Generation Tips" as well as following her blog. This e-book will be a help to clients that do not understand that engagement, content, and conversation are key to making a dent in the digital world-- it's not just about use with a blog but bits and pieces can be relevant to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Cendrine makes it easy to implement as well--often the drawback in many "how to" books.

If you are able to see her speak in person, I would recommend it. Unfortunately given that I am quite a distance from her, that's not been on my itinerary -- yet!

- Stevie Wilson, Vice-President: Digital Marketing, Social Media, E-Commerce at Artisans of Venice

Melanie KisselVery rarely do I cross (cyberspace) paths with someone who's absolutely in tune with the implementing of social media marketing platforms like Cendrine Marrouat.

One platform where she really shines is blogging and guest posting.

Cendrine offers up her readers a plethora of resources, tips, and strategies on her blog, "Social Media Slant". I'm very impressed with her extensive knowledge of event promotions. And I love her energy, enthusiasm, and persistence.

Be sure to add Cendrine Marrouat to your social media connections!

- Melanie Kissel, Founder of Solo Mompreneur

Tracy Renee JonesAre you looking to work with someone who is experienced with getting their feet dirty in the realm of social media and communications? Are you seeking someone to work with you in order to bring your business or organization into the future without the growing pains and uneasy feelings that change bring about? Are you looking for someone who is NOT thinking inside the box because the box just isn't what it used to be?

Then trust me when I tell you that you are looking to work with Cendrine Marrouat. I don't give recommendations often but this woman deserves it due to her professionalism, her creative talent and her ever expanding vision of what can be possible.

- Tracy Renee Jones, Independent Performing Arts Professional

Leanne Fournier
I have watched Cendrine grow as a top notch communicator in many areas. She's keenly aware of the latest and greatest in the world of social media and brings a strong voice to many causes. Her creative writing projects are also a joy to read. I would recommend Cendrine for bilingual writing and marketing projects.

- Leanne Fournier, Business Writer, Strategist at MightyWrite

More testimonials

“Very reliable, professional and accurate in her translations. Cendrine always meets deadlines, by also working during weekends or late in the evening if needed. She’s easy to reach by e-mail or messenger, thus making communications between Project Managers and Translator more prompt and efficient, guaranteeing a faster turnaround.”

– Sonia Pizzi, Eurologos-Toronto

“Cendrine is very professional, reliable and provides excellent quality on her translations as well as fine customer service.”

– Veronica Sokolowski, Dialog Line, LLC-Minneapolis

“Editrice d’une revue australienne ces dernières années et maintenant d’une revue française, j’ai eu plusieurs fois recours aux services de Cendrine Marrouat. J’ai été entièrement satisfaite de son travail. Elle a su s’adapter à différents thèmes. Sa traduction est de qualité…quasiment pas de retouches à faire… et elle respecte des délais rapides.”

– Marie-Hélène Courtat, Magazine Stargate

“J’ai reçu votre seconde traduction et avoue être impressionné par la qualité de votre travail. Je n’ai en fait contrôlé que la première page et me suis contenté de lire le reste en n’apportant que quelques rares retouches tellement ça se lisait bien. Clap clap clap clap clap. Bravo.”

– Philippe Vitu, International Express Translations Toronto

“Je viens de commencer la relecture de votre travail. C’est franchement superbement écrit, aucune correction pour l’instant, merci pour ce très bon travail.”

– David Dennery, Magazine Nexus France

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