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Five Years and Counting: A Journey into the Mind of Soul Poetry (2010; second edition: 2019) is Cendrine Marrouat's fifth collection of poetry. 

"Cendrine Marrouat has successfully accomplished voicing the glimpses into our inner beings that assist us in the exploration and understanding of our souls." - Kira Stann, Helium.com

"Cendrine Marrouat's work calls to mind the beautiful writing of Mirabai and Elizabeth Barrett Browning but in a post modern world!" - Tantra-zawadi, poet, writer, filmmaker, and artist

"An amazing collection of literary works; words that will stir your soul, and are bound to inspire any reader." - Tshombe Harris, poet, spoken word artist and producer

"A soothing, cooling poetic adventure. A lyrical snapshot of the life of the poet and a welcome return to the world of books and the art of words!" - Rita Shelby, jazz singer and songwriter

"Cendrine Marrouat has this way of supernaturally imposing metaphors with similes to create a natural flowing rhythm of liquid spirit!" - Natasha Guy

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Five Years and Counting: A Journey into the Mind of Soul Poetry are available for purchase on Amazon and Lulu!

Price: $19.99 (print) / $7.99 (ebook)
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