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The Heart of Space is a collection of 38 pieces that delve into several major topics, including solitude, the importance of embracing pain, and the lessons one can learn from self-discovery.

"Every single poem is utterly endearing, imbued with a careful sense of introspection, philosophical musings and above all a genuine feeling of hope that, no matter what happens to us in our lives, in the end things will turn out all right." - David Ellis, Author of See A Dream Within: Found "Poe"try Based On The Collected Poetry Works Of Edgar Allan Poe

"I found The Heart of Space to be a lovely collection. The poems that touched me the most were; True Art, What is love and Death Unleashed." - Sarah Fairbairn



Inside man’s heart, love is real.

Jostled, shaken, and timid

Like the breeze, we exhibit

Pain. Whence comes our agony?

Bliss moves in a mysterious way.


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Amazon Button (via NiftyButtons.com)

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