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Life's Little Things - Les petites choses de la vie is a bilingual collection of 50 photos that look at the little things in life.

"Life's Little Things - Les petites choses de la vie" : Un ouvrage bilingue de 50 photos qui vous invite à apprécier la simplicité du quotidien.

Release date / Date de parution: March 23, 2016 / Le 23 mars 2016

Number of pages / Nombre de pages: 60.


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Amazon Button (via NiftyButtons.com)

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Life's Little Things. Les petites choses de la vie (Trailer)

Advance reviews / Critiques

Brilliant, insanely addictive and gorgeous: "Life's Little Things - Les petites chose de la vie" has the addictive pull of a thriller in a photography book!

If 'every wall is a door' in life, then every image is an invitation and every page a new journey in Cendrine Marrouat's latest book, "Life's Little Things - Les petites choses de la vie."

Unlike most photography books, but very true to real life, there is no rhyme or reason. The images you discover are as random as the minutes in a day. This is what makes this book special, unique and thought-provoking.

Cendrine brilliantly captures the beauty of simplicity and living in the moment and leaves you stuck somewhere between lingering on the page a little longer and biting at the chomp in anticipation of turning the next page to see what greets you next.

With each turn of a page, you will find yourself in awe of how well Cendrine's unique eye behind the lens captures Life's Little Things; the moments in time that traverse continents, cultures, and languages to offer an unexpected opportunity to reflect upon memories past, or journey to a new place far and distant.

Hands-down, this is one of my favorite photography books. Mostly, because it doesn't feel like one at all.

- Kelly Hungerford, KellyHungerford.com

The new photography book by Cendrine Marrouat, titled "Life's Little Things - Les petites choses de la vie," is a fantastic and comprehensive compilation of unique photos taken by her. With 50 photographs Cendrine takes you down a journey of intimacy and pleasure.

From the very start all the way to the very end, each photo does not just capture a well-known place or a familiar sight. It captures a dramatic and captivating moment that transpires on any giving day. Because, after, all life is about those special events, it is about Life's Little Things, and this work of art does that to perfection. 

Cendrine's photos are filled with diversity, color, contrast, depth and a mastery of encapsulating moments. Each takes you through a journey of delight, wonder, mystery and adventure. This photography project sets the bar very high and you will come to appreciate Cendrine's unique lens. - Anthony Carranza, B2B News Network

It is often in the simple things of life that we find little details which confound and astound us. An expectation erupts into something we had not previously considered possible, and we begin to consider the possibilities which lie ahead.

This was my reaction to "Life's Little Things/Les Petites Choses de la Vie" by Cendrine Marrouat. I expected a coffee table with beautiful photos. What I found, from the first page onward, was an unexpected venture into every day life in an extraordinary way.

The attention to details was superb. Cendrine's lens allows her reader an intimate glance into the lives of others by focusing on the “little things” that seem to get lost in the busyness of daily living. There is an inviting warmth that flows from image to image, transporting you into the photo and prompting you to take the journey with her.

The intermingling of high contrast, full color photographs with those in black and white serves to heighten the viewing experience. Expectations are serendipitously shattered, but you are so drawn in that you do not mind it at all.

One of my most favorite discoveries occurs within the first couple of pages. Before receiving my review copy, I was not aware "Life's Little Things" was orchestrated to be bilingual, English and French. I absolutely love the idea! By the time I reached the end of the book, I found myself wishing for a children's version as well. "Life's Little Things/Les Petites Choses de la Vie" is already a beautifully photographed and organized coffee table book, it would make a wonderful teaching tool as well.

Whether your interest is photography, world travel, or the arts in general, Life's "Little Things/Les Petites Choses de la Vie" by Cendrine Marrouat would make a perfect addition to your library.
- Antoinette Dickson, The Innovative Pen 

"Life’s Little Things – Les Petites Choses de la Vie" by Cendrine Marrouat, is more than just a book of pictures. It’s a book that transported me to where those pictures were taken. I originally suggested just placing this book on a coffee table but once you open the book, you will want to order these prints and hang them on your wall for all to see!

Her book contains a well-balanced mix of pictures, both black and white and colour, taken in various points of views. Some of them were taken as far as Syria (before it was war-torn) to as close as her backyard. I usually prefer pictures that feature a place/person, but for some reason, I was more attracted to the pictures of flowers. Perhaps it was due to the rich array of colours or the fine detail that she managed to capture.

It was ingenious how some of her pictures appear to have been taken in the past century such as “The Carousel” , “ The Bridge of Sighs”  and “The Lonely Bicycle”, yet they were taken in the past few years.

It is evident that Cendrine took time and effort in naming each photo as each title fits the photo perfectly. “Ready for It” is one of my favourite pictures. It's rich in detail and you do feel as though you are waiting for the flower to bloom.

Her book is a wonderful portray of pictures that would make a great gift to your friends and family. I recommend it for all those who appreciate beauty in all its forms. - Haruko Tsuchi

Life’s little things – simple and elegantly captured in these amazing images.   Each image has its own magical way of capturing life’s little things – well done Cendrine, a book to be proud of! - Janine Beattie, JanineBeattie.com


With her first photography book, Cendrine cemented herself as a serious talent in the fields of photography and writing. But where her poetry spoke the words in the last outing, "Life's Little Things" relies more heavily on the amazing photographic imagery presented along with short yet telling titles in two different languages. It's amazing how much power she packs into each pixel and each syllable. Cendrine is truly a powerhouse who easily crosses genres and dominates them all. - James Hamel,
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Amazon Button (via NiftyButtons.com)


Amazon Button (via NiftyButtons.com)

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