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 Cendrine Marrouat’s second book in her Life’s Little Things series pays homage to the world in a way that you may never have seen before. Each page is an invitation to reflect on the human condition and our never-ending connection to nature.

Not only will Life’s Little Things: The Quotes brighten your day, but it will also open your mind to what is possible and what truly matters. In a world where negativity seems to be winning, the 25 high-quality photos and quotes in the book are intended as a balancing act. They will encourage you to reconnect with yourself, think more positively, slow down your physical pace, and find your inner rhythm.

is a little book with a twist and a big heart. Don’t wait and pick up your copy today!

Release date: July 25, 2017

Number of pages: 34


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Amazon Button (via NiftyButtons.com)

Life's Little Things: The Quotes (Trailer)

Advance reviews / Critiques

Sometimes we just need a solid dose of inspiration and imagination to get us through the day. 'Life's Little Things: The Quotes' is just that. Cendrine Marrouat's play between imagery and prose is simple, sweet, succinct and good food for the mind and soul.

I love Cendrine's creativity and admire her dedication to making our days brighter through photography.
- Kelly Hungerford, CommunityWorks

Always looking for ideas to spark my imagination, I stumbled across 'Life's Little Things: The Quotes', a wonderful little gem. Creative and beautiful photography paired with inspiration from Cendrine Marrouat. A real treat for the senses. - Janette Speyer, HotIceMedia.com

Cendrine Marrouat's 'Life's Little Things: The Quotes' is another work of art, and a byproduct of excellent execution through photography. This 34-page collection tells a story from the very start to the very end. Cendrine pays close attention to detail and each photograph is a dramatic photograph that encapsulates the imagination.

Her work is not just good but excellent. The pictures all tell a story, capture a moment in time and they speak to your emotions.

The most important element of a great photograph is that it does all of the above. Her latest works delivers on this, and anchoring text with the images is the icing on the cake.
- Anthony Carranza, B2B News Network


In my sneak peek of 'Life’s Little Things: The Quotes', I got a chance to see some of the book, and fell in love. Marrouat’s writing reminded me one of my favorite poets, Kahlil Gibran. My initial impression was spot on. Each photo is caption by a carefully crafted line or phrase that Marrouat wrote especially for the image. Reminiscent of Gibran’s nostalgic, vibrant, and soulful poetry and prose, the quotes for each photograph evoke the best moments in life. I found myself transported to memories I treasure but often forget. Reading this was like lazing in a hammock under a sun-drenched sky. It was a stirring experience in all the best ways. - Kelsey Stone, Tibetan Lemonade (read the entire review here)

I was fortunate to meet Cendrine a couple of months ago and enjoyed her work so much I wanted to feature her work on Nevue Fine Art. She introduced me to her new book, 'Life’s Little Things: The Quotes'.

I have gone through her book now a dozen times. Every time I need to take a minute to remember the simple things in life I open her book. The book is refreshing, inspiring, and motivational with breathtaking photography and quotes that bring you back to the “good old days.”

Do you need a few moments throughout the day to catch your breath? If you do I recommend reading Cendrine’s new book.
- Dave Nevue, Nevue Fine Art Marketing (read the entire review here)

What a beautiful book, full of inspiring and profound quotes with lovely photographic images! It speaks to the soul. - Liesl Walsh

In the book 'Life's Little Things: The Quotes', Cendrine Marrouat combines many different elements. It is part auto-biographical, and All-in-all, it is a gorgeous book that I highly recommend everybody to invest in. As I often say, “Buy books, not gear.” I think books like this are good motivators.

After finishing the book, I was inspired to shoot– and I’m starting to shoot more.

I highly recommend every photographer and/or person invest in 'Life's Little Things: The Quotes' by Cendrine Marrouat. It is easily one of my top 5 photography books at the moment– and a book I shall keep forever and cherish, and go back for inspiration in terms of images, the photography, and personal quotes.

If you like to be able to just sit and look at beautiful images and not have to read that much, this book is for you, or whoever is lucky enough to get it as a gift from you. - Megan Hartwig

What I really love about Cendrine Marrouat's delightful book of photographic art and words of wisdom is that it appeals more to the heart and less to the head. In today's technology age, we're inundated with factual and technical information; but here's a book ('Life's Little Things: The Quotes') that spreads pearls of profound and timeless wisdom and reminds us of the beauty and joy of existence.

What I really admire about this book is the fact that Cendrine draws upon the lessons that the world, especially nature, offers us. Some of the examples she mentions include a caterpillar as an example of flexibility, light driving out darkness, and seeing opportunities in trials and tribulations.

She wrote, 'What some people see as a storm, others see as an opportunity.' That is so true. A wise man once echoed the same universal truth when he said, 'The pessimist sees difficulties in opportunities. The optimist sees opportunities in difficulties.'

I sincerely appreciate Cendrine's social and spiritual acumen, magnanimous personality, and poignant artistic vision. I will go back to this book again and again for more inspiration.
- Bijan Pirnia


Amazon Button (via NiftyButtons.com)


Amazon Button (via NiftyButtons.com)

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