Black and white - Cendrine Marrouat Photography
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Spirit Sands, Canada

Spruce Woods Provincial Park, is a two-hour drive from Winnipeg. It has a small desert-like area known as the Spirit Sands or Carberry Sandhills, featuring tall sand dunes and unique species of plants (e.g. Pincushion Cactus) and animals (e.g. Northern Prairie Skink and Hognose Snake). You won't find them anywhere else in the province.

The place is also of spiritual significance to Aboriginal People.

According to Wikipedia, "This region is not a true desert, but the remnant of a sandy delta of the Assiniboine River, from a time when it ran into glacial Lake Agassiz." It receives between 300 and 500 millimetres of water per year. That's why you will see quite a lot of vegetation.

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