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Haiku are unrhymed poems consisting of about 17 syllables spread over three lines. This poetry form started in Japan and has been very popular in many countries around the world for decades.

Haiku force you to be concise. They teach you impactfulness. As such, they are the embodiment of the "Show don't tell" technique. A technique that allows readers to experience stories in a more personal and meaningful manner.

Walks: A Collection of Haiku (Volume 1) is not just a celebration of Cendrine Marrouat’s love for haiku. It is also an invitation to enjoy the flitting moments that make life beautiful...

Release date: February 28, 2019

Number of pages: 39

Available format: eBook (ePub)


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Advance reviews

Natalie Brown (Musician, Vlogger & Entrepreneur):

"Walks: A Collection of Haiku (Volume1) by Cendrine Marrouat is a breathtaking journey through the shadow and light, simplicity and intricacy of everyday life through observations of animals and nature. While reading I felt like the author took my hand and whispered to me 'come, let me show you the things you are not seeing with true sight'. She took me on a journey, showing me the simple yet profound beauty and delicate nuance of things I may 'see' everyday, but not truly take the time to absorb and appreciate. I encourage this Walk with Cendrine to fill your soul with beautiful light." 

David Ellis (Award Winning Author of Life, Sex & Death – A Poetry Collection): 

"Walks: A Collection of Haiku (Volume1) by Cendrine Marrouat touches upon many different aspects of nature and our own culture, helping us to uncover the breath-takingly beautiful hidden nuggets of wisdom that exist in everything around us. Cendrine’s thoughts are lifted constantly by her keen eye for detail, her interactions with her environment and even how she observes the very elements themselves. She distils each scene that plays out in her haiku snapshots with emotional punch, verve and fierce purity of purpose.

Cendrine succeeds in coming up with many surprising twists and turns for very relatable subjects and subject matter, so much so that we immediately imagine that not only are we there with her but also experiencing the sights, sounds, smells and sensations that have fed her experiences.

I was extremely impressed how many different scenarios she has covered in this collection, with each one giving me a deeper insight to her personality, as we mutually tread a path of discovery together with her enticing words. There is an intriguing blend of both specificity and of accommodation for us to interpret things our own way too at times, as she philosophises, muses and gives us her inner thoughts in a clear and concise way, highlighting how deftly she uses the medium of haikus.

My personal favourite of the collection:

Torn sheets of paper

scattered on the path;

raindrops wrote their own poems.

A masterful excursion that moves delicately like butterflies in the wind, best enjoyed with a mug of hot chocolate and an open mind to appreciate their sheer splendour again and again."

Lynne McAnulty-Street (Editor and Publishing Consultant at Red Penn Services Ltd):

"I loved Walks: A Collection of Haiku (Volume 1) for the same reason I love Haiku in general…

To “get” Cendrine’s haiku as for all, you have to stop racing…slow down…read it thought by thought – image by image…pause…contemplate. Each haiku is a time for time to stand still, while your heart and soul touch the moment."

Isabel Nolasco (Photographer)

"Walks: A Collection of Haiku (Volume 1) takes us to a new dimension, but in the world we live in. It captures the true essence of life and feelings. With new eyes. Minimalist, but great, and strong. A new look into details we often lack to see. Or feel. The precious little things that surround us. And the greatest. It awakes the magic and the dreams.

This writing freezes the moments. Like photography does. Moments we can cherish and keep warmly in our heart.

Cendrine’s haiku are the best I’ve read so far. I strongly recommend the book to everyone."

Katrina Moody (Writer & Editor):

"I was charmed and reflective after I read Walks: A Collection of Haiku (Volume 1) by Cendrine Marrouat. Her mastery of the Haiku form of poetry is superbly delightful, combining the beats of the Haiku with evocative words and phrases that bring the reader to a moment in time, frozen.

Haiku are traditionally difficult to write in a meaningful way, because most writers are limited by the rules of the form. Not Marrouat. She uses the form like a master, crafting her own word combinations to dance within the beats of the Haiku.

Many of the Haiku included in the volume have become personal favorites, and I discover new interpretations of them after rereading them. I encourage anyone with a love of the form, or even a curiosity about Haiku, to read Walks and meander through the moments portrayed. I’m sure they will find surprise and joy in the moments, and be delighted to be pulled into a deeper reflection of these Haiku."


"An absolutely delightful little tome....inspiring." - J.P. Wilson

Order your copy

Walks: A Collection of Haiku (Volume 1) is available for pre-order on Amazon!

Price: $3.99

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